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Every Copy is Personalized and Authenticated!


By design, each software candy is developed to solve one problem only. This means that you can trust that each and every product you download is:
  • Thoroughly tested for 100% success in its advertised features.
  • Inherently free of side effects that characterize complex software.
Should you ever want to uninstall a software candy product, you can do this with 100% confidence that our uninstaller will:
  • Restore the tweaked area to exactly its original state.
  • Perform total cleanup after itself, leaving no traces behind, as if the candy was never installed.

On principle, we do not employ annoying copy protection or activation schemes. Together with our razor-sharp uninstaller technology, this means that you can:
  • Re-install and uninstall each software candy as many times as you'd like, on the same computer.
  • Be certain that a hardware upgrade or repair in your computer will not deactivate your candy.
  • Focus on the task at hand, without being distracted by annoying activation problems.
See for yourself:
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