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All our products are digitally signed by a Code Signing Certificate to assure authenticity and integrity.

What is a Code Signing Certificate and why does it matter?

A security feature, introduced with Windows XP service pack 2 (SP2), checks for information on the organization that created the file you download. Microsoft calls such an organization "the publisher". The moment you try to run or open a file you downloaded, Windows checks the file for a digital signature.

A valid digital signature verifies the identity of the publisher (the company, Web site, or individual distributing the file) and confirms that the file has not been tampered with since it was signed.

If the file has no valid digital signature, you cannot be certain that the file is actually from the source it claims to be from, or that it has not been tampered with. In such case, Windows displays a security warning dialog box:

Unknown Publisher security warning

When this happens (i.e. Windows informs you that "The publisher could not be verified"), stop immediately! Do not click the Run button, because it might contain a virus, spyware or other forms of malware (or it might be a pirated copy).

Software Candy products do not trigger this security warning.

Instead, Windows displays a verified publisher confirmation:

Publisher: Software Candy LLC

This confirms that:
  1. Software Candy's identity has been verified by a trusted authority (virus and malware writers are unlikely to go through this verification process).
  2. Your downloaded file has not been tampered with. Thus, it is guaranteed to be free of any virus, spyware or other malware.
  3. Your downloaded copy is legal and has not been pirated.
If you ever encounter a Software Candy downloadable that triggers the "Unknown Publisher" security warning, please contact us immediately as this means that you may be a victim of software counterfeiting and it may have been infected with a virus.

(if you didn't find what you are looking for, simply submit to us your problem description via this link.)
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