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Frequently Asked Questions

Cool!   but... is there anything here for me?

Of course there is. First, ask yourself: "Am I really totally happy with the problems, ease of use and performance of my PC?". More specifically:
  • Does your computer act differently than when you first received it?
  • Does your computer feel sluggish?
  • Do you suspect your PC is infected by a virus?
  • Would you like to check your system integrity but don't know how?
  • Is there a visual aspect on your screen that you would like to improve?
  • Would you like to speed up your disk access?
  • Would you like to clean your disk safely?
  • Would you like to speed up your disk cleanup?
  • Other? (there are many more areas in which your computer can disappoint you)
If you answered Yes to any of these questions, simply enter a word (or more) in the Search field on the top right corner - words that are relevant to what you are looking for - and click GO!

Alternatively, you can browse through the entire list of products by clicking the Downloadables link.

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