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Windows Calendar for Windows XP

Looking for a reminder calendar on Windows XP?

If you had the opportunity to use Vista (at home, in the office, or on a friend's computer), you may have noticed a handy feature named Windows Calendar.

Windows Calendar is an accessory, introduced in Windows Vista, that helps you plan and manage your schedule. In addition to including the intuitive feature of setting appointments and time slots for personal activities, it also lets you create a personal to-do list and to receive automatic reminders about tasks or upcoming appointments that you choose.

When you go back to your Windows XP laptop or workstation, at the office or at home, you may be looking for this tool. You are especially interested in the reminder calendar feature.

Unfortunately, a calendar feature is not built in Windows XP and is not part of it.

If you happen to have Microsoft Outlook on your computer, look no further: This feature-rich email and collaboration application includes an impressively useful calendar. Please note that Outlook is not the same as Outlook Express (which is part of Windows XP and does not have a calendar). Outlook needs to be purchased separately and has a list price of over a hundred dollars (ouch!) .

If you don't have Microsoft Outlook and you are looking for a low cost (or free) calendar of high quality and reliability, please read on:

Mozilla Sunbird® is a standalone calendar application, created by the Mozilla Fondation. Mozilla is the same organization that brought to us Firefox (Web browser) and Thunderbird (email client). Although still available for download at the time of this writing, Sunbird 1.0 beta1 is the last public release as standalone application.

Instead, Mozilla recommends installing the Thunderbird 3 email client, then add to it the Lightning add-on, both of which continue to be supported.

Using Thunderbird 3 with the Lightning calendar add-on ourselves, we can attest that this is truly a very elegant and useful tool: We especially like its ability to let you share your calendar with other family members (if installed and configured properly on a shared folder on your home network).

You can freely download Thunderbird 3 and Lightning via the following links:
Please remember to check this article regularly as we continue to update it to further clarify the instructions, provide examples and additional recommendations.

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