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When your mouse stopped working after upgrading to Windows 7

Is your mouse not working in Windows 7?

If you recently upgraded your computer to Windows 7 and your mouse is mysteriously no longer working, this tip will help you increase your chances of solving the problem by providing general guidance and links to authoritative sites.

The symptom is that, after upgrading your perfectly working system to Windows 7 (either from Vista or a fresh install after previously running Windows XP) , the mouse stopped responding and Windows 7 does not even detect it.

Furthermore, during installation the mouse was working properly, but as soon as the installation is complete and the computer restarted, the mouse disappeared - not even in Device Manager! You may even install a driver directly from Microsoft's website but that doesn't help either.

If you happen to have another operating system on your computer (e.g. Linux or Windows XP), you can verify that the mouse is still working. That is, there is nothing wrong with the hardware itself.

A mystery, isn't it?

Well, if your mouse happens to have a PS/2 connector (the older type) while your keyboard has a USB connector (the newer generation), look no further: Make sure that both your mouse and keyboard use the same interface: If you can't replace your mouse, then replace your keyboard to a PS/2 one. Otherwise, plug in a USB mouse.

If this didn't solve the problem, check for similar problem descriptions in relevant forums such as the Windows 7 Forums on Microsoft Answers website:  Mouse not working after upgrading to Windows 7.

Otherwise, try checking the Hardware & Devices forum in

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