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How to Save on Paper, Ink (or Toner), Electricity and Save Money

Savings Tip for People Who Print (almost) Everything...

If you regularly print receipts, order confirmations, bank transactions and other "just in case" pages of information from various web sites, this tip is for you:

Stop printing on paper.

You can still accomplish what you used to get by printing on paper - but now you can do it in a way that not only saves you a lot of paper, you could also store your printouts in nicely organized folders instead of having paper copies everywhere... You will also save on ink, toner and electricity bill*. In short, you will save money! Are you ready for the "secret"?

Print to a PDF file.

To do that, you don't need to spend tens or hundreds of dollars on the fully fledged Adobe Acrobat package. Instead, there is an open source package named PDFCreator and it can be downloaded from the venerable SourceForge.Net website - FREE:

Once you download and install PDFCreator, you will have an additional printer connected to your computer, a virtual printer named PDFCreator.

All you need to do, from now on, whenever you wish to print something is ask yourself: "Do I really need this on paper?"

If you realize that it is really a better idea to save that information to-be-printed on a file, simply select the  printer instead of your paper & ink printer.

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