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How to Restore Internet Connection in Windows Vista

When your Windows Vista computer mysteriously lost connection to the Internet...

The Problem:

You used to be able access the Internet via your browser on your Windows Vista computer, but "all of a sudden" you are no longer able to surf the Internet using your web browser, regardless whether it is Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Opera. Surprisingly, you are able to use instant messaging and your Norton AntiVirus software is able to connect for updates and download them. Your attempts to perform System Restore do not solve the problem since System Restore fails with a message: "Restoration Incomplete. Your computer cannot be restored . . .".

Note: While this may seem as lost connection to Internet, you didn't truly loose the entire connection. You lost only your browser's connectivity. This distinction is important as it helps identify, diagnose and categorize your problem.

Possible cause:

Norton 2006 and later products have a security feature that prevents outside programs from making changes to the Norton product. This security feature can prevent Windows System Restore from completing.

Possible solution:

Temporarily disable the Norton AntiVirus "product protection". This will allow you to run system restore.

For instructions how to temporarily disable Norton's "product protection" click this link to visit the relevant page on Symantec's website.

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