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Fix AutoPlay


Restore your computer's ability to automatically run a CD when you insert it.

Has your computer suddenly forgotten how to auto run your favorite CDs, DVDs, or access files on your USB Flash Drive as soon as they are inserted? With our fast and easy Auto Play Restorer download you can turn back on the Autoplay features your computer has lost.

One way or another your computer can have its Windows Autorun disabled. Perhaps you downloaded some software that wasn’t compatible or accidentally tweaked a registry setting that you didn’t mean to. You might not ever even know what turned it off so trying to fix the issue yourself could quickly become an impossible battle.

However it may have happened, Software Candy has come up with a simple solution to help you restore Autorun in just minutes with our Auto Play Restorer .

It’s Easy! All you need to do is install Auto Play Restorer and you will be back in business, able to once again enable Autoplay on all your removable drives.

You can once again instantly watch movies, listen to music and access files on your USB thumb drives. It’s a small price to pay for convenience of having your Windows Autoplay back in working order without the headaches of sifting through your registry settings and system preferences.

Warning! Being conscious about security, we must advise against enabling Autoplay in your computer, since some viruses use the autoplay feature to spread themselves (typically via USB flash disks).

For this reason we recommend going for our "Auto Play Restorer" which does the exact opposite of Disable Autoplay. However, if you’re willing to keep your antivirus protection up-to-date and take into consideration the risks involved with enabling Autoplay, the convenience of Autorun may be right for you.

Restore your computer’s Autoplay capability today with Auto Play Restorer and get back instant access of all your removable media:
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