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Restore AutoComplete to Internet Explorer


Do you have to fill the same usernames, passwords, and addresses every time you log into a website or complete a form online?

Now you can easily restore your computer’s psychic powers with Software Candy’s Auto Complete Back (tested working with IE6 on Windows XP, IE7 on Windows Vista and IE8 on Windows 7).

Simply download and install Auto Complete Back and the autocomplete feature on your computer will become re-enabled. The time and annoyance you'll save by using this easy to use and well tested product is well worth the tiny price!

What is Autocomplete and what does Auto Complete Back do?

The autocomplete feature was introduced for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer to save time by automatically completing name, address, phone number and email address fields in forms as you fill them out. It also saves previous searches, passwords, user ids, and web addresses that you have recently typed.

So many websites require you to login for access these days that you probably already have many user names set up. Who could possibly keep them all straight?

At some point you may have turned off the autocomplete feature while entering a userid when you checked a box that said “Don’t offer to remember any more passwords.”

Don't offer to remember any more passwords

Now that you’ve changed your mind and want this convenient feature back, you may not know how to fix it or you may find yourself confused by textual information, guiding you to wonder through a maze of mouse clicks.

Software Candy has made it easy to repair this problem. Once you have installed Auto Complete Back on your computer, the information that you frequently type will once again reappear on forms and websites.

Now, when you first type a user name and password on a Web page, you will receive the following prompt: "Do you want Windows to remember this password, so that you don't have to type it again the next time you visit this page?"

Also, before using a form on a Web page for the first time, you will receive the following prompt: "AutoComplete remembers entries in Web forms, like the one you just typed. In the future it can check your previous entries and list suggestions as you type. Would you like to turn AutoComplete on?".  More information on the circumstances in which the AutoComplete box appears can be found on Microsoft's MSDN website.

Note: On some web pages, the AutoComplete feature may seem not working even when it is enabled. If you are curious to understand why, read the following article: Working with Internet Explorer's AutoComplete.

As with all Software Candy products, Auto Complete Back is completely free of any viruses or spyware (digitally signed for authenticity and integrity) and is well tested for its advertised features. If ever needed, you can also uninstall it completely with a single click, performing a total cleanup after itself.

Why waste time typing the same things over and over again? Download Software Candy’s Auto Complete Back today:
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  3. Install it.

That's it. :-)

By purchasing this product, you receive 12 downloads for 365 days (whichever expires first). In effect, this gives you up to 12 FREE upgrades for one year. If you purchased this product, remember to periodically check this page for a new version. We strive to polish our products to perfection.

Note: Unless otherwise noted (in the compatibility list below), this software is compatible with the 32-bit version of Windows. Download this FREE tool to check whether your Windows is 32-bit or 64-bit.

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