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Resize Picture File Size


Compress that picture file while keeping its exact Width x Height!

If that picture file takes too much space to be posted on a website, sent via Email or you just need to shrink that monstrous PowerPoint presentation, our Photo File Sizer is your fast and easy solution.

Simply download and install PhotoFileSizer and you will be able to create a copy of the same exact width and height with a smaller file size of your choice.

What is File Size and what does PhotoFileSizer do?

Today's digital cameras and scanners are capable of producing photographs and images in beautiful high resolutions of 8 megapixels and more. That's great for printing beautiful high fidelity photos on paper but when you want to email that photo (or use it in a PowerPoint presentation) you realize that this high resolution comes with a price: File size.

Every picture or photo is stored in a storage unit called a file. One of the most important attributes of a file is size. File size is expressed in bytes, kilobytes (KB) or megabytes (MB).  The larger the picture is (width and height) or the more pixels it has, the larger the file. The higher the picture quality is, the larger the file. A typical photo from a modern digital camera can exceed 5 megabytes, even when stored in JPG format.

Sending multiple such files via Email (or including them in a PowerPoint presentation) becomes frustratingly slow, to the point of being impractical. There are three principal ways to reduce a picture's file size:
  1. Resizing the width and height, while keeping the original quality.
  2. Lowering the photo's quality to an acceptable level, while keeping the original width and height.
  3. Doing both (1) and  ( 2).

PhotoFileSizer solves the file size problem for you by implementing method (2).

  1. Upon invocation, PhotoFileSizer initially asks you to select the file you want to resize (note: it will never resize or overwrite the original file).
  2. Once you selected the file, it will prompt you for the desired file size, initially suggesting a file size that is 1/4 of the original file size. You can change that to any size you want.

Select file size for new copy

  1. Then you are prompted with a confirmation page, displaying the name of your selected file and its target maximum size. Because smaller JPEG files usually result in greater degradation of the picture quality, you may need to re-run PhotoFileSize, with a higher size.

Verify file size for new copy

Please note the following important features and functional behavior:
  1. PhotoFileSizer attempts to provide the best picture quality within a file size that is smaller than the maximum file size you specified.
  2. If the requested size cannot be achieved at 10% picture quality, PhotoFileSizer will stop compressing at a file size closest to 10%.
  3. If picture quality is not satisfactory at the desired file size, this means you must resize the width and height of the picture in order to achieve the desired file size.
  4. Typically (where target file size is achievable), the resulting file size will be smaller than the maximum number you entered.
Future versions of this single-function App will bring it closer to perfection from your perspective. In the meanwhile, enjoy the convenience and simplicity of this time-saver (see our FREE upgrade terms below).

As with all Software Candy products, PhotoFileSizer is completely free of any viruses or spyware (digitally signed for authenticity and integrity) and is well tested for its advertised features. If ever needed, you can also uninstall it completely with a single click, performing a total cleanup after itself.

To enjoy PhotoFileSizer:
  1. Click 'add this to my cart' button below.
  2. Download it (it will become immediately available for download after payment).
  3. Install it.

That's it. :-)

By purchasing this product, you receive 12 downloads for 365 days (whichever expires first). In effect, this gives you up to 12 FREE upgrades for one year. If you purchased this product, remember to periodically check this page for a new version. We strive to polish our products to perfection.

Note: Unless otherwise noted (in the compatibility list below), this software is compatible with the 32-bit version of Windows. Download this FREE tool to check whether your Windows is 32-bit or 64-bit.

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