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Repair Windows XP damaged system files


Prevent major PC disasters before they happen.

Our Scan and Repair can link you directly to your Windows System File Checker with just a click.

Do you suspect a virus has already altered key files in your computer?

Simply download and install Scan and Repair and you will be able to access your computer’s built in scanning program quickly and easily. The time and annoyance you'll save by using this easy to use and well tested product is well worth the tiny price!

What is Windows System File Checker and what does Scan and Repair do?

The Windows System File Checker is an application that can search through your system files and detect and repair any corrupted items that could put your computer in jeopardy. This feature is already on your Windows XP computer but since it is buried deep in the command line syntax many PC users don’t use it as often as they should. You may not even know that it’s there!

Now with Software Candy’s Scan and Repair you can access your Windows System File Checker with just a click from your Start Menu. It has never been simpler to perform the regular maintenance checks you know you should do but probably don’t. Once our reliable and user friendly download is installed on your computer there will be no excuse for not running this important program regularly.

Instead of having to remember the exact syntax and where this checker is located, Scan and Repair conveniently places a shortcut on your start menu, so that you can now launch it whenever you need it.

Scan and Repair Start Menu Shortcut

As with all Software Candy products, Scan and Repair is completely free of any viruses or spyware (digitally signed for authenticity and integrity) and is well tested for its advertised features. If ever needed, you can also uninstall it completely with a single click, performing a total cleanup after itself.

Note: This program requires the Windows® XP CD that was used for installing your system. It is not a substitute for a legally licensed Windows® XP CD and it does not contain any Windows® XP system files.

The beauty of this wizard is that you don't have to follow any complex instructions. Once you download this app (keep it on your desktop or in an easy-to-find folder), you double-click it, click the Next button on the installation wizard and Voila! You can now double-click and open any application you have installed on your computer, just like you used to. :)

Note: no desktop icons will be installed, as to avoid cluttering your desktop. Instead, you will find a Software Candy entry in your Start Menu, which allows you to uninstall it, should you ever want to do this.

Scan and Repair Start Menu Shortcut

To use Scan & Repair properly, please follow these steps:
  1. Insert your original Windows XP CD to CD drive.
  2. Go to the Start Menu and select: All Programs.
  3. Then select: Software Candy.
  4. Then select: ScanAndRepair.
  5. Then select: scandandrepair.
  6. A small window (progress dialog box) will appear, informing you of a process of scanning and repairing any detected damaged system files.
You may repeat this process as often as you see fit (at least once a month is recommended)

Whether you have virus protection in the form of a Windows anti virus or anti malware, it is important to note that no virus scanner can detect all types of PC virus. Even when your computer is updated to the latest antivirus 2010 which properly detects a virus that damages your Windows XP system files and performs virus removal and virus clean up, it cannot perfectly heal your computer or repair all the problems that the virus may have caused.

For a complete repair of your Windows XP system files, a computer technician who is skilled at using the command line, may charge you $250 or more for performing a task that we simplified for you, the PC user. Try this fix, at no risk. If it solves the problem, you just saved hundreds of dollars in technician's service fees, paying less than $10 for this repair! Otherwise, simply contact us and we may be able to help you diagnose the problem and offer a different fix. Remember: all our products are backed by our 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. If our solution doesn't fix your problem, you will receive full refund (see our refund policy for more details).

To learn more about Windows System File Checker, you can visit the following page at Microsoft's web site:

  • Q1. I saw some references to a "command line". What is it? Do I have to know what a command line is?
  • A1. No, you don't have to know how to type commands or know what a command line is. All you do after downloading and saving our Scan and Repair to your desktop (or any folder) is double-click it, click Next, Next, Finish on its wizard and you will be able to find a menu item pointing to scanandrepair (see the "How It Works" tab for more information).
  • Q2. I downloaded and installed this software. However, I can't find its icon on the desktop. Did I do anything wrong?
  • A2. No, you did everything correctly. By design, we do not clutter your desktop with unnecessary icons. Instead, we cleanly install a shortcut in your Start Menu item. Click the "How It Works" tab for more information.

Download Software Candy’s Scan and Repair today and take control of your computer’s maintenance. Save precious time by first verifying that your critical system files are as they should be. Never be caught by surprise by an unexpected issue again:
  1. Click 'add this to my cart' button below.
  2. Download it (it will become immediately available for download after payment).
  3. Install it.

That's it. :-)

By purchasing this product, you receive 12 downloads for 365 days (whichever expires first). In effect, this gives you up to 12 FREE upgrades for one year. If you purchased this product, remember to periodically check this page for a new version. We strive to polish our products to perfection.

Note: Unless otherwise noted (in the compatibility list below), this software is compatible with the 32-bit version of Windows. Download this FREE tool to check whether your Windows is 32-bit or 64-bit.

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