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Logcat to CSV converter


Convert any number of saved Logcat files to CSV copies, suitable for immediate import to a spreadsheet -- right from Windows Explorer!

New! The EASIEST & QUICKEST Tool to batch-convert Logcat files to CSV in Windows 7, Vista & XP.

If you ever saved Logcat output for later examination, you may have been frustrated by the fact that the saved output is not as readable & convenient as the tabular original on DDMS/Eclipse. Look no further: our Logcat2CSV is your fast and easy solution.

Simply download and install Logcat2CSV and you will be able to convert and save any number of files to .csv files - right from Windows Explorer - with a single menu selection!

The time and annoyance you'll save by using this easy to use and well tested product is well worth the small price!

What is the CSV file format and what does Logcat2CSV do?

A CSV file stores tabular text information in a plain-text file. CSV stands for "comma seaparated values", but in practice a CSV file can use delimiters other than a comma. For example, it can use a colon, a tab, or quotation marks.

While CSV files do not support fancy formatting as in today's spreadsheets, they are very useful as a transport mechanism for importing data to spreadsheets.

CSV files usually have the file extension .csv and in Windows they can also be identified by their file type: "CSV file". It can have any file extension, though: it is not uncommon to find CSV files with the extension .txt (e.g. PayPal history download). Most modern spreadsheets know how to identify them based on their content and not so much by the filename extension.

If you tried to import a file saved by clicking the 'Export Selected Items to Text File...' button in a Logcat view (DDMS/Eclipse) -- or copying & pasting Logcat lines to a text file (older versions) -- you probably noticed that it is not imported properly: That is, some information that deserves its own column for greater readability is merged with another column.

If you work regulary with Logcat and find yourself frequently needing to import Logcat output files to Microsoft's Excel or's Calc, you may find our Logcat2CSV a true life saver: With a single click (after right-clicking the file's context menu) it instantly saves a copy of your file as a CSV. Your original Logcat file remains intact.

In the following snapshot you can see the original file selected, a moment before using Logcat2CSV to convert it to CSV:

Selected Logcat files before saving them as CSV

And a moment later, the same file is still there, but it now has a copy in CSV format.:

Sample Files Saved as CSV

Note: The Logcat 2 CSV menu item appears only on context menus of filenames having the .txt extension.

As with all Software Candy products, Logcat2CSV is completely free of any viruses or spyware (digitally signed for authenticity and integrity) and is well tested for its advertised features. If ever needed, you can also uninstall it completely with a single click, performing a total cleanup after itself.

The beauty of this wizard is that you don't have to follow any complex instructions. Once you download this setup file (keep it on your desktop or in an easy-to-find folder), you open it and click the Finish button to complete installation. Then, from now on, all you have to do to convert a Logcat .txt file to CSV, is right-click that file (or group of files) and select Logcat 2 CSV.

A new file (leaving the original logact file intact) will be created with the extension .logcat.csv.

If you attempt to convert a text file that is not a perfectly valid Logcat file, an empty file will be generated instead.

Note: This initial version, only supports the latest Logcat format (with a single letter for the message severity). Your feedback will help us determine if support for older Logcat formats will be implemented.

Note: No desktop icons will be installed, as to avoid cluttering your desktop. Instead, you will find a Software Candy entry in your Start Menu, which allows you to uninstall it, should you ever want to do this.

This function should really be a feature of Logcat... but until this happens, you may find our Logcat2CSV a true time saver and productivity booster: With a single click (after right-clicking the file's context menu) it instantly saves a copy of your Logcat file as a CSV file. Your original picture file remains intact.

Depending on your spreadsheet software (and the cell formatting you prefer), the next step could be as simple as double-clicking the resulting logcat.csv file (Microsoft Excel XP/2002).

  • Q2. I downloaded and installed this software and it works beautifully. Thank you! However, I can't find its icon on the desktop. Did I do anything wrong?
  • A2. No, you did everything correctly. By design, we do not clutter your desktop with unnecessary icons. 

To enjoy Logcat2CSV:
  1. Click 'add this to my cart' button below.
  2. Download it (it will become immediately available for download after payment).
  3. Install it.

That's it. :-)

By purchasing this product, you receive 12 downloads for 365 days (whichever expires first). In effect, this gives you up to 12 FREE upgrades for one year. If you purchased this product, remember to periodically check this page for a new version. We strive to polish our products to perfection.

Note: Unless otherwise noted (in the compatibility list below), this software is compatible with the 32-bit version of Windows. Download this FREE tool to check whether your Windows is 32-bit or 64-bit.

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