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Enlarge My Thumbnails


Are you tired of straining to see the tiny thumbnail pictures on your computer?

Enlarge My Thumbnails makes it easier for you to quickly identify and find the files and photographs you need.

Simply download and install Enlarge My Thumbnails, and the thumbnails of your photos and images will be doubled in size!

The time and annoyance you'll save by using this easy to use and well tested product is well worth the tiny price!

What are thumbnails and what does Enlarge MyThumbnails do?

The thumbnails are tiny, 96 pixel versions of your photo and image files that can help you find what you are looking for in Windows Explorer more quickly. The problem is that on Windows XP they have been designed to be much too small to be useful and there isn’t any easy way to fix this problem without tweaking the registry.

Windows Vista has made improvements to the default size found on Windows XP but do you really want to spend hundreds of dollars and upgrade your whole system just to get this option?

Software Candy’s Enlarge My Thumbnails makes it easy to view the files and menu items you are looking for by doubling their size. Save time, aggravation and eyestrain by finding the images you want faster. Just look at what a difference doubling the thumbnail size can make.

Before installing Enlarge My Thumbnails™  After installing Enlarge My Thumbnails™
Before installing Enlarge My Thumbnails™ After installing Enlarge My Thumbnails™

As with all Software Candy products, Enlarge My Thumbnails is completely free of any viruses or spyware (digitally signed for authenticity and integrity) and is well tested for its advertised features. If ever needed, you can also uninstall it completely with a single click, performing a total cleanup after itself.

The beauty of this wizard is that you don't have to follow any complex instructions. Once you download this setup file (keep it on your desktop or in an easy-to-find folder), you open it, click the Next button on the installation wizard, click the Finish button to complete installation and Voila! Next time you logon to your computer or restart your system,  all your thumbnails in Windows Explorer will appear doubled in size!

Note: No desktop icons will be installed, as to avoid cluttering your desktop. Instead, you will find a Software Candy entry in your Start Menu, which allows you to uninstall it, should you ever want to do this.

The thumbnail view in windows explorer lets you identify your photos and images by content rather than by name. The default image size, however, may not be to your liking. You may be tempted to try some freely available instructions on how to edit HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorer in the registry to change that, but that is a risk you may not be able to take, especially when Microsoft explicitly cautions against editing the registry as explained in this FAQ item.

In addition, undoing this change may not be as simple as uninstalling our wizard. Our Enlarge My Thumbnails is simply the safest way to try out this tweak.

  • Q1. I saw some references to a "command line". What is it? Do I have to know what a command line is?
  • A1. No, you don't have to know how to type commands or what a command line is. All you do after downloading and saving our  Enlarge My Thumbnails to your desktop (or any folder) is install it and from now on use your mouse only to apply the file hour fix. 
  • Q2. I downloaded and installed this software and it fixed my problem. Thank you! However, I can't find its icon on the desktop. Did I do anything wrong?
  • A2. No, you did everything correctly. By design, we do not clutter your desktop with unnecessary icons. 

Bigger is better. Download Software Candy’s Enlarge My Thumbnails today and find your images quicker:
  1. Click 'add this to my cart' button below.
  2. Download it (it will become immediately available for download after payment).
  3. Install it.

That's it. :-)

By purchasing this product, you receive 12 downloads for 365 days (whichever expires first). In effect, this gives you up to 12 FREE upgrades for one year. If you purchased this product, remember to periodically check this page for a new version. We strive to polish our products to perfection.

Note: Unless otherwise noted (in the compatibility list below), this software is compatible with the 32-bit version of Windows. Download this FREE tool to check whether your Windows is 32-bit or 64-bit.

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