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With so much "free" half-baked hacks circulating around, you may be tempted to look for a free alternative. In our experience, however, those "solutions" are not truly free as they almost always come with strings attached... consider this: 

Fact Software Candy Free
1 Won't empty your wallet but will save you a great deal of time. Might cost you in lost time, lost data and annoyances.
2 You get technical support for the product
(if and when needed).
If you encounter a problem it's up to you to solve it. 
3 Both problem and solution are well described. Not always clear what that downloaded file do or what problem it's trying to solve.
4 Guaranteed results. As advertised. Hasty download might result in a new problem.
5 Free of side-effects. Side-effects unknown.
6 Verifiably virus-free. Safe. You can't really know whether it's infected with a virus (anti viruses don't always detect all viruses).
7 Verifiably spyware-free. Safe. Could come with spyware built-in, as a  "feature".
8 No nagging ads. No annoying pop up windows. Could include nagging ads and pop up windows at the least convenient moments.
9 Can always be uninstalled, leaving no trace behind (cleaner registry and filesystem). Doesn't always let you uninstall it (and if it does, it's not always a clean uninstall).
10 You pay a tiny price. You pay no money.
11 Risk-free. Risk unknown.

It's true: We offer free stuff, too, but unlike the typical "free" hacks described above, ours follow the same strict methodology of testing and user-friendliness -- to give you an idea of what to expect when you purchase a product from us.

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