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Version Product Image Item Name Price Stop Adobe Updater

Stop Adobe Updater

Are Adobe Updater’s constant confirmation requests driving you crazy?...

... more info Stop Google Update

Stop Google Update

Stop GoogleUpdate Spying and/or Other Unauthorized Activities. If you...

... more info ClickOnce Security Fix 1

ClickOnce Security Fix 1

Uninstall Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant Firefox Extension in 3...
It's Free!

... more info Lock My PC Now

Lock My PC Now

Do snoopers and passers-by have you worried about your security? With...

... more info Stop Java Updater Nagging

Stop Java Updater Nagging

Are Java Updater’s constant confirmation requests getting in your...

... more info Stop Private Information Leaks

Stop Private Information Leaks

Connect to the Internet only when you want to be connected. New!...

... more info

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