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We keep your Windows registry CLEAN using our Sharp Uninstall

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Enjoy our uniQue line of Microsoft Windows® Apps, Enhancements, Tweaks and Fixes - for the price of candy:

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Our user-friendly apps and wizards are designed to fix, in three mouse clicks only, a wide range of issues, ranging from spyware and privacy concerns to computer speed, efficiency productivity improvements to convenience and visual enhancements goodies - and more...

Sometimes, even a single letter or digit typo when editing the registry by hand, can cause irreversible damage.

But from now on, you can avoid the risk and hassle of manually editing registry tweaks as we also offer a wide range of well tested registry tweaks.

Our testing process and methodology insures that, in addition to providing functional value, the tweak is performed safely and easily. Moreover, every registry changed performed by a Software Candy applet can be completely undone, since our wizard automatically saves a precise backup copy of the modified area.

Note: All our products are digitally signed by a Code Signing Certificate to assure authenticity and integrity, especially against computer viruses and malware. When launching a Software Candy wizard your system will display a message box, verifying the identity of the publisher. Unlike some unreliable and untrustworthy alternatives which trigger the "Unverified Publisher" warning, our applets display the verified Publisher: Software Candy LLC.

Note: All our products are backed by our 100% satisfaction money back guarantee policy. We offer a truly refreshing customer friendly service (no canned template letters, no help desk robots reading from a script, no refund-evading tricks, no spam, none of the frustrating experience that characterize "big corporate" nowadays). We will always make you smile. :-)

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